Sköll & Hati

«One wolf for Sol, another for Mani. Both for the twilight of the gods»

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Inspired by our ancient memory

Made for old souls and wayfarers

Our mission si to tell stories & myths of ancient people from the nordic & celtic seas in a poetic & substainable way, filled with an Historical, as much as a fantastic, point of view.

In doing so, we want to encourage the rediscovery and positive transmission of those long-time legacies and seek to inspire a complete lifestyle mixing together the best from both old & present days.

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Sköll & Hati

« Et parmi eux tous, l'un sera le destructeur des d'astres » - 34,00€

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Hoarr, the wanderer

Organic t-shirt from Asgard's Heritage - 33,00€ au lieu de 34,00€

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Join us near the campfire. We have some mead and old stories to share with you. Many speaks of a world far beyond, full of heroes & myths, when forests where high & deep, the sky cristal blue and the sun golded. The others, tell the tale of a modern world that could make more sens, awaiting to rise...

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