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Summer will be Celt !

Explore your country wearing the ancient Celtic-Gallic heritage !


We make Natural clothing

For old souls and wayfarers

Our mission is to tell the stories & myths of ancient people from the nordic & celtic seas in a poetic & substainable way, mixing both historical, and fantastical point of views.

From the Bronze Age to the Viking Era, passing by the Celtic Empire or the bestiary of our old forests, explore different places and times, while supporting a cleaner world & positive transmission of those heritage.

Those, are our engagements

100% Bio Organic Eco-Friendly Inks Encres Biologiques Fair Trade Commerce équitable Designed in France / Made by France No plastic delivert / Livraison sans plastique


- 34,00€

The Grey Wanderer

- 31,00€


And go wander ancient & beautiful places of your country

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