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Our Mission

...Is to popularize and convey the memory of ancient people from the nordic & celtic sea, to empower & inspire present generations in a positive and environmental way, using Historical knowledge, love of nature and poetry.

Supported & helped by Historians, Archeologists & profesionnals illustrators, we make you travel from the Bronze Age to the Viking Era, like if you were ancient wanderers.

Our Mindset

...it to see the present world as an opportunity to create a not-just-a-brand project, but a community looking for the best from both past and modern days. We are convinced that beside this stressful and cold era, we can bring back some poetry and colors ; That we can support an authentic & healthy way of life, under the guidance of the old days of ours and with the help of some innovatives projects.

This is our conviction, and also the reason why we only use natural & recycled fabric, no plastic and works only with partners engaged in the world of tomorrow. There's a lot of products we wanted to share with you, but that we declined thereafter because they were bad for the planet or for your health.

We have also launched a mobile App: the Wanderer's App™
It's free and 100% Self-Funded. The concept is to let you become a modern wanderer and discover ancient places from your land, as if you were in a multi-player game.

All our benefits are reinvested to improve our products and launch new projects. And we hope to create some new jobs before the end of the year.

You like what we are creating ? You can support us by becoming an Ambassador, a Partner, buying a product or speak arround you about our mission.

Cheers !


All our products are made with an environnemental vision. We try our best to always propose natural or eco-friendly materials, like Organic Coton and recycled polyester.

Always wash your item with caution (30° max and clothing reverted), and it will last you for years.

Ethicaly Crafted

Our clothing are for now crafted under Fair Trade, with wonderful partners in Asia, and then printed & processed in France in a family workshop. Thanks to this, we can propose you our products at a fair price while supporting a change in the textile industry.

In the near future, with your support, we will create 100% Made in France collections.


We support the protection of the Earth as much as our European patrimony. For that, we surround ourselves with passionnate people who care about it's good transmission. We sometimes use romantic art, but we work hard to construct a healthy vision of our european past.

We think that fantasy & accurate history can fight together on the same side.

Become an Ambassador

We re looking for active people with a positive mind to carry our vision.

If you have influence, talent or a community, we can share our forces. We are currently surrounding ourselves with actives people who feel close to our mindset. See it as a circle of North Wanderer’s Friends, sharing their talents together.

Contact us at thenorthwanderers@gmail.com or on social medias !

Ambassadors get advantages, promotionnal discounts and exclusive news. They are also included in some creation process if they want to.

You want to give us a shout-out or be partner ?

As a start-up, we need visibility and allies to grow bigger and make more beautiful & sustainable clothing. So, if you work for or have a blog/website/medias and you want to talk about our projects and our mission, you can freely use our images and copy-paste our contents. You have our authorisation.

For more informations contact us by email

You want to invite us on Fest or Event ?

We are always ready to take part in events and bring back some North-European poetry. You just have to invite us a long time in advance, due to really busy calendar. But if you do, you'll get the full crew with an epic stand, hydromel & 2 ton of good mood.

So don't wait to tell us by email

You think we are nice people ? Thank you !

We have a lot of projects ahead, but without your concern, it's ruined. We need you. Follow us on social medias, and make all those crazy stuff happen.