Thor, thundergod - W

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Thor, thundergod - W
Thor, thundergod - W
Thor, thundergod - W

Thor, thundergod - W

  |   For Women
(Waisted version)

For Men
(Straight Cut)

Thor, thundergod - W

The god of thunder, battle-ready with his two goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr

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Thor is one of the most famous norse gods. Worshipped in the whole antique german world (and probably celtic and slavic under other names), he symbolizes strenght, human and elementary, in it's perfect expression that are thunder and lightning, which are associated to him.

More than a modern pop-culture icon, we know him due to many ancients texts. Protector of Mankind, son of Odin/Wotan, he charge into battle on a chariot drawn by two goats, which we have imagined heavily armored and with a sour air.

  • Adjusted for women. Take a lower size if you want a tight wearing.
  • Our classic sustainable t-shirt, 100% Organic Coton, High quality fabric.

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